Lani Cupchoy, Ph.D.

“I seek to ignite a new wave of creative spirit and inspire humanity to carry oneself the same way we try to navigate life – with passion, light, and joy!”


Welcome! As a possibilitarian and multi-ethnic native of Los Angeles, CA, I am proud to share my creative works as a public intellectual-creative seeking to interconnect different worlds rooted in a self-reflexive patchwork of cultural consciousness which has manifested in academia-teaching, film, visual art, music, photography, and modeling. An important part of my journey was …

Academic Portfolio

My journey as a public intellectual-creative has guided me toward a few core beliefs that inform everything I do, create, and teach.

Award-Winning Filmmaker

Film has a timeless power — perhaps beyond that of any other medium I have ever utilized — to provide a platform for voices and stories that need to be told from our communities.

Listening to the whispers of my heart, I picked up my childhood pastels and paintbrushes to cope with the stress of grad school and this important step led me to an enriching journey as a creative spirit.

Visual Artist

 Recording Artist

“Music is strongly tied to energies and emotions. If I can’t communicate verbally with you … my music will.


“I believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul and my role is to photograph that essence.”

“I have discovered that an image is often a reflection of a team of creatives – photographers, make-up artists, hair artists, accessory-wardrobe artists – performed by the model.”


Digital Media:

Radio Shows: