Food Medicine Project

How We Got Started

The Food Medicine Project is a mother-daughter home gardens endeavor to experiment with two undervalued forms of home gardening – Vertical Wall gardens and Crack gardens – and prove how these low maintenance methods in urban-suburban spaces can yield fresh healthy abundant produce directly to the kitchen tables of family, neighbors, and friends.

As food is our medicine, we need to be mindful of what we are eating in order to heal and maintain our bodies. Read on to learn about the documentary, information about the varieties of Non-GMO produce that emerged from this project as well as the history and medicinal properties of each plant.

The Film:

Food Medicine

Award-winning Documentary Short released in June, 2020

Synopsis: Deep in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA during the COVID-19 pandemic, mother and daughter use undervalued home garden methods to grow, share and deliver fresh healthy abundant produce with family, neighbors, and friends.

Behind the Scenes

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