My journey as a public intellectual-creative has guided me toward a few core beliefs that inform everything I do, create, and teach.– Lani Cupchoy, Ph.D.


Welcome! As a possibilitarian and multi-ethnic native of Los Angeles, CA, I am proud to share my creative works as a public intellectual-creative seeking to interconnect different worlds rooted in a self-reflexive patchwork of cultural consciousness which has manifested in academia-teaching, film, visual art, music, photography, and modeling. An important part of my journey was learning to listen, share, heal, and navigate through uncharted messy worlds in order to find alignment with the vibration of my life’s purpose.

I am grateful to the many mentors and guides who contributed to my personal and professional growth as well as the generations of students who have deepened my commitment to education and in fostering an intellectual community through academia and the creative arts. I am also honored to partake in a collaborative stage with a soul tribe of so many other creative spirits working to transform this world through socially conscious artivism and who share a passion in the healing power of storytelling thereby strengthening our global community.

You will learn about the powerful influences-collaborators as well as deep spiritual moments that have shaped my life and the different ways in which I highlight the beauty of our human experience. I also seek to ignite a new wave of creative spirit and inspire humanity to carry oneself the same way we try to navigate life – with passion, light, and joy!

I invite you to experience my deep love for expression and in creating accessible art that nourishes our souls. I hope that what I share with you, coming from my years of experience as a creative spirit, will support you on your awakening journey.

In love and light!