Mana Lani

Mana Lani, which means ‘Spiritual power of the heavens’ in Native Hawaiian, has been a long awaited dream of mine. The herbal line draws from my life’s research and best practice methods of holistic healing from around the world featuring effective essence preservation formulas of crystal-infused medicinal plants grown on my botanical farm on Maui, Hawaii. As health remains a universal concern, it is important to remember that 99% of life’s issues occur first in the etheric plane before manifesting as illnesses or blockages in our reality. Utilizing modern forms of ancient healing techniques, such as crystal infused plants and Hydrodistillation, can help us better navigate through the challenges we currently face everyday, whether in our personal health, mental-social-emotional stability, workplace, family, and relationships, etc. 

Zen Spray

Using sacred natural waters and herbal varieties from around the world combined with divine energetic timing, the Zen Spray immediately raises the vibration in your environment. Clears negative energy while promoting health, peace and well-being. Therapeutic grade essential oil with anti-bacterial properties. Herbal organic blend. Crystal infused & Hydrodistillation on Maui, Hawaii.

Botanical Hand Sanitizing Spray

Botanical anti-bacterial organic hand sanitizer formulated with a moisturizing aloe vera and shea butter formula so that you get the most satisfying clean without dryness. Uses a combination of crystal infused plants & Hydrodistillation on Maui, Hawaii.

  • Lavender Spray: Native to the mediterranean, lavender is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-depressive agent effective for burns and insect bites. Helps to naturally build immunity against human pathogenic bacteria.
  • Lemon Verbena Spray: Native to South America, lemon verbena contains strong anti-inflammatory stress reducing properties to support detox and immunity boost.

Herbal Tea, Steam, or Bath Soak

Drink as a tea, gently steam through pores or enjoy these specially formulated herbals blends in a bath soak.

  • Deep Cleanse is a signature cleansing blend and deep detox to clear imbalances, infections, itching, abnormal odors and helps to stimulate blood circulation.

  • Yoni Steam is a general blend for women to maintain overall hormonal balance.

  • ‘Let Them Go’ is a signature cleansing blend to release emotional bonds and physical impurities from old relationships and trauma.

Aura Cleanse Scrubs

For those with a fast-paced life who want a quick and go daily cleanse. Enjoy these crystal-infused organic herbal blend scrubs:

  • Coffee Scrub for a heavy detox and deep cleanse for spiritual grounding and mental clarity.

  • Citrus Scrub for energizing and uplifting the spirit.

  • Love Scrub for the cleanse and repair of the aura to attract high vibrational love.

Herbal Soaps

For those with a fast-paced life who want a quick and go daily cleanse. Enjoy these crystal-infused organic herbal blend soaps:

  • Lavender Oatmeal treats negative states rooted to the autonomic nervous system while calming nervousness, tension, and insomnia due to an overactive mind. Promotes healing from depression.

  • Wild Honey for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and quick regeneration on a cellular level.

Mana Lani supports those who are ready to undertake a holistic healing approach to their own well-being. All products are available in The Shop.