Our Collective

We are a growing collective of educators-practitioners from around the world dedicated to mentoring students and assisting with the awakening of humanity. With the divine spirit of our lineages, we vow to represent and forge new paths for our Lines who walk alongside us and for future generations to come, building a peaceful global community of truth, freedom and light.

Eva Cupchoy

Food Justice Educator & Community Herbalist

Since 1982, Food justice educator and Community-based practitioner. Fourth-generation native herbal healer specializing in holistic systems through the medicinal use of plants.

Alejandro ‘Chichiltekolotl’ Meraz

Mexica-Azteca cultural practitioner and Teacher of Danza Aslzteca- Chichimeca

Since 1991, Mexica-Azteca cultural practitioner specializing in Sweat lodge and Red Warrior Pow wow drum southern style (Kiowa). Member of the Native American Church (NAC) and Chicano Park Steering committee.

Kabiessi Baba Ifagbemi

West African Ifa priest (Babalawo) – President and Founder of Ile Aala Orisa Temples

Since 1998, West African priest of Ifa and Orisa societies with additional emphasis in comparative religious study and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Charles Miller

Hawaiian Physical-Massage Therapy

Since 2004, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner specializing in Hawaiian healing practices – physical and massage therapy through Lomi Lomi.

Marciana Scott

Artist/Healing Arts – Reiki Master Teacher

Since 2015, Reiki Practitioner, Life Mastery Coach, and accomplished artist who teaches the healing arts of Chakra painting.

Sandra Miagany

Psychologist, M.A. – Reiki Master Teacher

Since 2016, specialist in Reiki therapy, Mindfulness certified courses, and a cultural practitioner of spiritual retreats in Egypt.

Jose Diaz

Inner Knowledge Therapy

Since 2016, specialist in Pendulum Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, and Biomagnetism for patients with health issues, severe pain as well as trauma or abuse from adulthood dating back to childhood.