Energy Institute

The Energy Institute takes a holistic approach to nurture the awakening and empowerment of individuals and their families with ancient techniques-knowledge that are viable for 21st-century everyday living. The Institute remains dedicated to peace building and developing a teaching community of awareness that assists students in connecting to the sacred ‘vibrational codes’ of the universe so that they can fully awaken to the power that is within themselves and express their unique truth.

“Nelson Mandela once said, ‘if you want to change the world, change education’ and therefore upgrading the human education model has been my biggest focus.”

Lani Cupchoy, Ph.D.

The World Today…

With the significant growth of technology in the 21st-century that has advanced far beyond the purpose of why we are here, humankind is at a pivotal point in our history. A potential future reveals a more connected, healthy and abundant world, where we thrive in unity and compassion. The world, however, is currently operating far from that vision because of incredibly system impacted structures operated by toxic energies. Our world needs major upgrades, especially when considering the following:

  • Potential ecological collapse due to global warming

  • Wider gap with the elite 1% class

  • The rise of big pharmaceuticals and petrol industries

  • Higher percentages of adults disliking their jobs

  • A rise in children disinterested in attending school

  • A booming school to prison pipeline targeting communities of color

  • The confusion of nationalism with patriotism and the following of false leaders using fear tatics to stay in office

  • Short-term profit based on polluting the ecology and marketing junk as food

  • Increase of women and children as sex slaves and forced into human trafficking

My Story

Since 1997, I have served as an educator with K-18 teaching experience working to transform a multitude of education models while drawing from cultural community wealth to develop new knowledges – pedagogies – practices relevant to our human existence. While teaching in Los Angeles Unified and various Universities have been very enriching experiences, a pivotal moment with the most tremendous growth emerged from my service as an elected public official on the Montebello School Board of Education (2013-2018).

A non-career politician, I ran a simple grassroots campaign supported by teachers and community members who shared my vision to improve the lives of children and their families in a district that I was a product of since pre-school. Upon dethroning an incumbent and entering the Board of Education, I found my district operating as an archaic educational empire with outdated modalities of thinking designed to maintain the material wealth and power of a few – just like how the majority of our world operates. I found politics to be a space that was inconsistent with my strong principles and moral values rooted in truth, democratic inclusivity, educational equality and diversity.

Drawing on ancient energy techniques bestowed to me by indigenous elders since childhood, I sought to raise the vibration of my district by collaborating with progressive like-minded individuals willing to help me shift, transform, and elevate the energies of the district to align with 21st-century learning. The K-12 ethnic studies requirement, extension of the Dual Language Immersion Program to include both spanish and mandarin, LGBTQ support and all-gender restrooms, Dyslexia curriculum and the expansion of school-based gardens (28 schools total) throughout the district are some examples of the grassroots policy-making I have had the privilege to spearhead during my tenure on the Board. 

To successfully achieve these new community-centered education models, however, meant challenging power – at the cost of personal attacks, harassment, fake news, sexism, misogyny, and attempts at defamation of character on myself and my loved ones – and learning to apply practical ancient wisdoms to move beyond these energies, which ultimately led to the development of The Energy Institute.

“We are all multidimensional beings having a human experience. You, as the architect of your own reality, are responsible for the experience that you are creating.”

Lani Cupchoy, Ph.D.

Vision & Philosophies

The Energy Institute is my vehicle for transforming the human education model by teaching creative spirits to help raise the level of consciousness our species has ever experienced. Through my life’s work and academic research in documenting the rich ‘testimonios’ (life stories) of spiritual leaders – healers – oracles from around the world, I have found that they all share something in common – a profound understanding of energy, frequency and vibration to improve the lives of their respective community members. Throughout my life, I have had the honor of archiving and successfully implementing these ancient wisdoms through my personal practice that coalesce a combination of modalities – as a natural intuitive-oracle-avatar, herbal healer, Sweat Lodge Leader, Native Hawaiian practitioner, and Tibetan Black Hat – Feng Shui Master – in classrooms, schools, districts, churches, homes, the work place, and businesses for people seeking my assistance.

I offer one on one workshops as well as a series of classes that teach students – who are ready to unplug from the matrix and connect to the sacred ‘vibrational codes’ of the universe – to fully awaken to the power that is within themselves and express their unique truth. Hands-on training may include – Tibetan Feng Shui (the art of timing and placement), Inner engineering (programming, past lives, ancestral lineages, balancing karma, etc.) and Food as Healing (food and body energy) – that produces timely and lasting transformational results for clarity, peace, and abundance. As a possibilitarian, I firmly believe that every situation, no matter how difficult it may feel at the moment, has a frequency solution. Learn the language codes of the universe to work in alignment with your individual purpose.

Ultimately, the power is within us all. Being free is our divine birthright.To transform the planet, we need to change the mindset of individuals – one by one. If this purpose resonates with you, read on to discover my upcoming workshops, classes, assorted available products and various projects the collective team and I are currently working on.